I am deeply grateful to all my friends’ supporting and assistance,all customers’ trust and cooperation and all Songle Family Members’unity and struggle.Solor’s philosophy is “serving the country through industrial development, entertain the populace.Which is also the source power of Solor become stronger,larger,and better.Solor people always pursue to making first-class products,creat the first-class brand.We serve the customers wholeheartedly,with gratitude mentality to work,win the respect from the customer.With all our strength to make Solor culture.

The customers win,Then Solor will win.Solor will put the full passion and innovative spirit,forge ahead,adhere to sustainable development,keep on developing the new products and offering superior service,contribute to society,and aspire to become the leader of the industry.

Wish all of us could seek development,share the success.

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